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Website Logo/Ident

A Little animation i created for my website


Bailen Walk Cycle

Just Testing Bailens walk cycle, but you know me! Cant do a video without making it a little bit dramatic


Bailen is a well respected figure In the viallage . Seen somewhat as the village leader, The villagers Often turn to him when a problem arises or counsel is needed.

Cadrice Concept

Here is another little character I’d like to introduce you Guys to. Cadrice! (Pronounced Cad • Reese.) Made using my Tablet along with Photoshop, I wanted him to look like quite the pretty… Continue reading

A Post before bed

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I seem to come alive at night and is the only time I’m motivated to do any work. Is it like that for anybody else…? Anyway, I wanted to share a concept drawing… Continue reading

My Latest Batch Of Drawings


I don’t know how to draw, buts  it’s a skill I’d love to have.  I’ve started reading a how to draw book called  ‘Fun with a pencil’ by Andrew Loomis. Im having a… Continue reading