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Protoype SA Promo

Prototype S:A Promo video


Mech Concept

I’ve always wanted to design my own mech, so i went about doing it. Here’s the current W.I.P.

Website Logo/Ident

A Little animation i created for my website

Bailen Walk Cycle

Just Testing Bailens walk cycle, but you know me! Cant do a video without making it a little bit dramatic


Bailen is a well respected figure In the viallage . Seen somewhat as the village leader, The villagers Often turn to him when a problem arises or counsel is needed.

Sendah: The Axe That Belonged

Encircled by the enemy, Len lead a ferocious attack and powered through enemy ranks! Cleaving his huge axe Sendah through the enemy space was created.


“With the right focus, everything falls into place” A good friend of mine said this a little while back, and as the days pass, I believe in this ideology more. Initially when I… Continue reading

Project Day and night Update 2.3

After months of work, I’ve finally been able to upload the latest build of Project Day & Night (v2.3). I hope you will take time to explore and check out this little village… Continue reading

Project Day & Night Update Teaser

Here is a Teaser Video i’ve created for the latest update to Project Day & Night. The Demo will be uploaded later today! Please check it out. Feedback welcome! Screenshots Related articles Sony… Continue reading

Project One:Day & Night

Check out my Latest webdemo of Project Day & night

The Swords of Moonlight W.I.P

Legend has it that the souls of two sisters were trapped in the blades a long time ago, in the ancient days by a powerful warlock. It is said that the sisters travelled from the moon and had the power to manipulate water. With the swords this warlock was able to defeat all enemies and unite Elisia under one kingdom, he ruled for a long time bringing peace to the whole land with an iron fist…

The Blacksmith

The Blacksmith is run by Flint. along with his family (a wife, two sons and his young daughter). It produces tools, weapons and armor amongst other things, which are greatly regarded and talked… Continue reading