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Protoype SA Promo

Prototype S:A Promo video


Mech Concept

I’ve always wanted to design my own mech, so i went about doing it. Here’s the current W.I.P.

Website Logo/Ident

A Little animation i created for my website

Bailen Walk Cycle

Just Testing Bailens walk cycle, but you know me! Cant do a video without making it a little bit dramatic

Sendah: The Axe That Belonged

Encircled by the enemy, Len lead a ferocious attack and powered through enemy ranks! Cleaving his huge axe Sendah through the enemy space was created.

From reality to 3d volume 1 W.I.P

On my route to and from work there’s a building I walk by everyday near the BBC film studios which always seems to catch my eye..