As promised

As I said earlier on today here is some o f the things I have been working on. Exhibit A: Bouncing Ball I created this first, and was actually very proud of my… Continue reading

Still here!!

Wow been a long time since I last posted but believe me, I have been burning the midnight oil developing my programming skills. I have made a few demo’s (nothing much really) that… Continue reading

Creating Games are about building relationships

Have you ever been excited by a recently announced game, and knew you were going to buy it. I have had those moments, and eight out of ten of those games have been… Continue reading

Another mile stone

Today has been a very tiring day for me, so when I got home from work I was feeling all kinds of tired. I decided I wanted to watch something, but not a… Continue reading

Patience is the Key

When learning something new, it’s often very good to be patient in your approach. Often I find that when people start to learn something they get so excited that they want to jump… Continue reading

My weapon of choice

For the adventure before me I will choose C++ as my sword, but before I embark on my quest I must hone my skills with my sword (I like to look at every… Continue reading

To go forward, I must go back

The aim is to create games. Not just any games, but the rich and fun games I have bundled up in that cranium of mine. Like I said before, I feel very let… Continue reading

The Way Forward? Yeah I think I like that!

The titles represents the way i feel exactly, let me start by introducing my self. My name is Nana and i live in the UK. London to be exact, and this blog will… Continue reading