Work on the move

Recently I upgraded from an iPhone 3G to the iPhone 4. I actually had no interest in the upgrade at all, I figured it couldn’t be that much different from the 3G apart from… Continue reading

What’s your Objective?

What’s your objective? Wow this is quite a big question, the only way I can tackle it is to break it into little sections. So I will reinterpret the question as what is… Continue reading

Starting from scratch

I have decided to brush up on my skills and pull out 3D studio max and dust it off for a bit of modelling .  Don’t know whether I’ve mentioned this before but I used to use… Continue reading

Plans for the not too distant future

A couple of months ago I bought a domain name, which I have kept under wraps simply because I am still trying to figure out the format I want use for the site,… Continue reading


I am finding my workflow a little difficult to get use to. The whole reason i started this blog was to document my progress, but that hasn’t been going too well (hehe). The… Continue reading

The Power Of Pen and Paper

You know what’s funny? even after all these years and technological advancement, you still can’t beet the Pen and Paper. Really that’s where everything starts or at least should start. With these two mighty weapons you can create the foundation of nearly anything.… Continue reading


Wow, I don’t think I have been this excited in a long time. Developing games with unity3d is like a breath of  fresh air. You get to spend time on programming the actual game, instead of all the hustle of developing… Continue reading

It’s been a Minute

Wow it’s been a long time. But i am back baby!! I know what you are thinking, i have been wasting my days with beer and women, well no!…. OK maybe a little… Continue reading


Yes I’ve been gone for a while but i am back. A lot of things have been happening in my personal life and I had to prioritise, thus this blog had to take… Continue reading


At Last my Long awaited tetris has now been uploaded. I actually completed this a few weeks ago but i have been so busy, i havn’t hadthe time to put it up.  I… Continue reading

Pong… The mini quest

So as I promised here is my version of pong, though I must warn you it’s a game you can not win! No, I am not trying to challenge you, its just that… Continue reading

Games… A story telling medium??

What I don’t understand is why this is the only direction the game industry seems to be interested in heading, trying to make games more like movies and books. Why is that? I… Continue reading