Pulling from the real world

I have a friend who is able to think up an image or a scene and just draw it straight from his head to paper. I am so envious. Just trying to draw… Continue reading

Late Night Frustrations!

Ive just spent the last three hours looking through my code trying to figure out why things are not working the way they should. Three hours! Three hours of tearing my hair out!… Continue reading

Sneak Peak

You know what’s funny? I haven’t been able to shut my mouth these days! Ive just been blogging away inundating you with the latest news and updates, aren’t you a lucky reader! Its… Continue reading

Editorial: Experience

This is my thirtieth post on this blog which is a cool milestone, well according to WordPress. Granted it took a long time to get here, I’m still very proud. I’ve decided to… Continue reading

Mini 3D project

In all the time I’ve been using 3d studio max, I have never ever completed a model to the point of uv unwrapping (for those who don’t know, it’s the process of taking… Continue reading

Good enough

  Because I want to use a third person camera for Day And Night, i needed to create an avatar. The only problem was the character I had in mind would take a… Continue reading

Protues Animation cycles

The video below shows the animation cycle I created for Protues. He currently has the basic animations most game characters do.     I’ve found a new respect for animators; it’s taken couple… Continue reading

Some Random Renders of Protues


In a post I made on holiday, I explained to you how I’d been doing a lot of work in 3d studio max. It’s been great fun and today I want to introduce… Continue reading

Broken Promises

So here I sit in the departure lounge at the Morris bishop airport, waiting for my flight… I’m on my way back to reality back to hard work back home. It’s not all… Continue reading

Watch this space

Hello!… Is anybody there?, HEY YOU! Screams a reader Who dares pull me into a post on my holiday! How dare y… ‘Yeah, yeah’ interrupts the reader What I’d like to know is what happened… Continue reading

Hiatus II (AWOL)

Yeah I know! It’s been a while. I believe in one of my last post’s I mentioned something about moving to a new house. Well that’s been a huge project in itself, requiring… Continue reading