My Latest Batch Of Drawings

Hard work will always beat out talent

Sometimes I feel discouraged… Yes..I  know its disappointing… I’m not the unbreakable guy you thought I was… I’ll start a model, pour hours into it, tweak, refine and texture it. After all the hard work. It looks… Continue reading

Writing ‘a’

I was messing around in max yesterday, and here’s the fruit of my efforts. It’s by no means amazing, but I thought I’d share it with you anyway. This is the first time I’ve… Continue reading

Ambition is Priceless

I saw this and it got me pumped! Sometimes you need a little motivation to fuel that fire in your belly.

Making of Day & Night : Animating Protues

In order to handle animation i decided to create an animation class’s which I called TP_Animator, its job is to work alongside the controller and motor class handling all animations for Protues. It’s… Continue reading


I don’t know how to draw, buts  it’s a skill I’d love to have.  I’ve started reading a how to draw book called  ‘Fun with a pencil’ by Andrew Loomis. Im having a… Continue reading

Making of: Protues ! Move… Move my child!

Hehehe, The Title is a little dramatic, I know! So….! This being the first in the series of my Day and Night developer diary, I’ll focus on what was done to get Protues… Continue reading

Experience pt III

There’s one more aspect of these games I wish to talk about! This final piece of the puzzle, I feel is truly the most important part that make these games truly shine. The… Continue reading

Making of Day & Night : Introduction

Day & Night logo I’ve decided  to kick off a series of articles documenting the different stages I go through whilst creating Project Day and Night..  I’ll talk about the difficulties I went… Continue reading

The benefits of a project

On the right a hi-res model I’m working on due to all i learnt finishing the model on the left Seeing a project through to the very end is a very beneficial experience.… Continue reading

Editorial: Experience pt II

Welcome to part two of this editorial. From here on we’ll be doing some guess work. The truth is, I dont think we can find the holy grail of what makes a game… Continue reading

A Quote I’d Like To Share

“The evening being come, I return home and go to my study; at the entrance I pull off my peasant- clothes, covered with dust and dirt, and put on my noble court dress,… Continue reading