Maeve Store House (update)

Arrin was charged to run the Storehouse due to his shrewd mind for numbers. All of Kobblestones food stocks including Ale, Grain and Salted Meats are stored there

The Maeve Inn (Maeves Rest)

Though not the first building I’ve shown, the Inn was the first building built by the Kobblestone settlers…

Maeve : The Watermill

Here we have the second building of Kobblestone, The Watermill. its the brown building on the Kobblestone Map, and serves to the grind the villagers wheat into flour. Like the storehouse it began life as…

Maeve : The Store House Final Model

So its been a couple of days but here we have it, the final model of the Store house. There maybe a few modifications (not too Happy with that brick texture ) but modelling wise for the most part is complete

The Store House W.I.P Update

A quick update on the progress with the store house

Maeve Building 1. The Store House W.I.P

This is the first building I’ve modelled for Kobblestone, The Store house. It’s used to store most of Kobblestones food supplies….

From reality to 3d volume 1 W.I.P

On my route to and from work there’s a building I walk by everyday near the BBC film studios which always seems to catch my eye..

The Loan Cottage

A little something I’ve been working on. The scene is little boring, just testing a couple of things.

To Texturing and Beyond

Recently I’ve been experimenting with normal maps. After my successful foray into the world of texturing, I was like

Hey! Why not.

Maeve Village

The simple image above is the small village of Kobblestone.

So far in Project Day & Night…

A video of my progress so far

Child Adventurer

Hey there..

Come a little closer…I’d like to tell you a story