To David Gemmell

I wanted to share the following video with you. It’s and excerpt from one of my favourite books, Legend (Drenai), written by my favorite author David Gemmell. David Gemmell is my biggest inspiration… Continue reading

The Blacksmith

The Blacksmith is run by Flint. along with his family (a wife, two sons and his young daughter). It produces tools, weapons and armor amongst other things, which are greatly regarded and talked… Continue reading

Cadrice Concept

Here is another little character I’d like to introduce you Guys to. Cadrice! (Pronounced Cad • Reese.) Made using my Tablet along with Photoshop, I wanted him to look like quite the pretty… Continue reading

Mesh Graveyard: Collection i

Subject to my previous post. I decided to put up renders of my previous unfinished work. I call this the Mesh Graveyard Collection one… like the title says  

Body of Work! An Analysis

I’ve been analysing my work flow over the last couple of years and noticed a disturbing trend. Lets take Project Day and Night as an example! Truth is I could have finished the… Continue reading

Some W.I.P

Hey everybody. Happy new year!!! I hope we’ve all entered with positive spirits? Just a quick update. I know its been a while but life waits for no man. Any way i wanted… Continue reading

The Painter In Me

I’ve always loved the look of hand painted textures, there is something so appealing about them compared to real textures … Well in my opinion anyway. With a little colour variation you can… Continue reading

Some more heads

Here are two more  heads I created. I think they both turned out pretty well actually. The first one I started out as a plane and modelled it out, whilst the second I used a sphere as base and went from… Continue reading

Head count

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been modelling a lot of heads. Why you ask? Being a one man band, when modelling I try to find the quickest and most efficient way to create good enough quality… Continue reading

Maeve Village re-loaded x20

Here is a little progress report on Kobblestone Village. The images above are currently work in progress and all likeliness will change (not by much, a building here another there…) Building the village… Continue reading

Maeve Building set

Here are some of the buildings I’ve created so far Most of them you’ve seen apart from the newest additions, The Blacksmiths, and The Shop. Further details to come later.