Project One:Day & Night

I just wanted to show you guys the latest project I’ve been working on. I’ve named it Day & Night. The project brief is as follows…

The scene will be based in a small village which will feature a few houses and a Tavern, there will also be street lamps.

  • All lights be will be off during the day and with turn on in the evening.
  • Everything will be controlled by an internal clock (the most challenging aspect of this project.), Which will handle Sunrise and Sun-fall
  • There will be a controllable character in third person.

I know this might sound uninspiring but the aim here is to start out small, with time add more complexity to the project . One thing I’ve worked hard on is to try and achieve a visual look of the village which i think i have been successful on. Let me know what you think.

Checkout my progress so far… Currently its in alpha (1.5) unity3d Webdemo

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