The Swords of Moonlight W.I.P

Note: This is currently work in progress, and not the final model.

Note: This is currently work in progress, and not the final model.

Legend has it that the souls of two sisters were trapped in the blades a long time ago in the ancient days by a powerful warlock. It is said that the sisters travelled from the moon and had the power to manipulate water. With the swords, the warlock was able to defeat all enemies and unite Elisia under one kingdom, he ruled for a long time bringing peace to the whole land with an iron fist…

At least that’s what legend says…

Cadrice and the swords of moonlight

Cadrice and the Swords of Moonlight: Drawn by my good friend when I described the concept to him.

Luner and Luper, the name of the swords;

These are two beautifully curved blades made out of a unknown black metal. One swipe can cut through the thickest of spear shafts. The blades give off an energy, when held close to water little ripples appear, with one sword seeming repel the water, whilst the other to pulling it in. During moonlight silver engravings appear on the black blades, it is said to be of some ancient language. Cadrice wields the twin swords with deadly affect.

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