Head count

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been modelling a lot of heads.

Why you ask?

Being a one man band, when modelling I try to find the quickest and most efficient way to create good enough quality meshes, this way I cut the time it takes to create my assets. In order to do this, I still have to go through the pain of trying to figure out how to do it, it takes a lot of practice I can tell ya! I’ve probably made close to seventeen heads in the past couple weeks.

3D Modelling is a very artistic and unique experience for everybody (at least the people who use the 3d modelling software). what I’m trying to express is, a great technique for one guy is counter intuitive for the next. When I first began  3d modelling, I used the box modelling method, where you would start from a box primitive and add and refine details till the mesh looked like the object you are trying to create. But as my skills matured (not by much mind you!) I found I didn’t much  like the technique, especially when modelling a head .

I’ve always found it difficult to model a head and never was happy with my end result…

Until now!

I feel the heads I’ve been creating as of late are good enough to show to you, my good friends.

The picture above consist of five heads which took me a little over two hours to create. The middle one was I created first and once complete I moved around vertices, edges, and used modifiers to create the other four heads.

Till next time folks.

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