The Maeve Inn (Maeves Rest)

The Kobblestone Inn

Though not the first building I’ve shown, the Inn was the first building built by the Maeve settlers. It was made to house them whilst they built the other buildings. During its construction the settlers slept in their wagons and the soft earth. Now the Inn acts as a tavern and resting place for visitors to the town. The Inn is run by Bailen and his adopted daughter.

A little Maeve history

Whilst travelling to the land that is now Maeve the Settlers were attacked by a group of Bandits. They were able to fight them off due in big part to Bailen and two strangers who had been travelling with them for a few days. Their names were Kay and the duel wielding swordsman Cadrice. Bailen along with the two warriors took on the bandits and came out on top killing fifteen of them, with the rest fleeing from the bloody carnage. The two Warriors carried on their travels when the settlers arrived at the Maeve site. As a gesture of gratitude the settlers gave the two men supplies for their journey and told them they were welcome back to Maeve anytime.